11 Oct

Bottle coolers come in all shapes and sizes and your needs will determine exactly which you should purchase. Here is a quick guide to choosing the right bottle coolers for your pub, cafe or restaurant.


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Hinged or sliding

Double bottle coolers with sliding doors tend to be best for pubs with a larger turnover of bottles that need to be accessed easily without the door getting in the way of other staff. Hinged doors tend to be better for cafes that need higher, single-width coolers with all the bottles on display for customers to help themselves.

Looking at space and size

Depending on the space you have available, you might want a single under-counter cooler, a double or triple under-counter, or alternatively a single upright or even double upright. Whether you need a double- or single-sized cooler will be determined by how much stock you have; again, a pub or bar will need much more bottle space than a restaurant or a cafe, but ultimately the amount of space in your premises will determine which cooler you purchase. Your cooler also needs to be accessible for stock rotation and you should make sure that you are fully up to speed with Food Standards Agency storage guidelines.

Light display

Most commercial bottle coolers come with a light display so that the bottles can seen by customers; however, if you need a bottle cooler to be used for storing wine that customers choose from a wine list, it is not necessary for this to feature a display light.

Why new is best

Buying secondhand appliances can cut initial costs, but in the long term it is more sensible to buy a new cooler. New coolers tend to have a higher energy rating, which is not only better for your electric bill but also for the environment. Buying new also gives you more warranty options, which can save money in the long term.


The best way to find the right cooler is by doing your research. Speak to other people you know in the trade and see what they have to say, or review a selection of commercial bottle coolers by Fridgefreezerdirect to see what is on offer.

Getting the right bottle cooler is an integral part of running a successful bar, cafe or restaurant.

Larry Wilson